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Careers At Newby

These are exciting times at Newby India.

As the economy surges, discerning  Indian consumers  have never had it so good. Best – in – class products across categories are now close at hand – and flying off the shelves. Quality is king– and the consumer  is seeking  and  getting  true value for the money spent.

At Newby, our mantra is quality above all else. Simple put, Newby teas are the finest anywhere in the world. With an ever-increasing band of Indian consumers exhibiting  a growing appetite for the world’s best products, It is indeed a great time to be in India.

Amongst all the factors  key to realising this business potential, human resources is paramount. Newby considers its human resources a key strategic asset in its mission to springboard its growth to the next level.  Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, Newby is an equal opportunity employer – offering fast – track, challenging   and rewarding careers across the business spectrum – Sales & Marketing, Operations & Logistics, Finance, IT and Human Resources.

Wish to be part of the Newby growth story? Check our current openings in the box below and mail us your details. 

Should your qualifications and experience not match our current openings, you could still apply by filling in the application form

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